If you are considering new facilities, LRS is a recognized and recommended leader by architects throughout the state to assist in evaluating the cost effectiveness of roof designs for new buildings.

Service & Maintenance. 

We protect your investment and offer top-notch emergency leak repairs.

New Roofing:

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Licensed and Insured
CCC1326796 / CGC1515362


Unlike most roofing companies, LRS’ Lightweight Concrete Division provides engineered slope to drain for new and re-roofing applications.

Service & Maintenance 

At LRS, you’ll find a full range of services within four divisions to meet your every need and solve every problem or challenge. Plus, because customers like you have told us you want and need us to offer it, we’ll soon be adding a fifth division: A/C Services.

Lightweight Concrete:

We evaluate your existing system and budget to help you arrive at the best solutions for you and your facility.